Lagos-Ibadan Train | All You Need To Know

It’s was on a Tuesday, when I decided to take the Lagos-Ibadan train. From the first day I heard about the train, I wanted to get on it. Because, first, I’ve never been on a train and I badly wanted to experience what it feels like to ride on one, but most importantly, I wanted to share a review with y’all

I left home early enough to catch the ride. The new Lagos station is located at Alagomeji bus stop, Yaba, Lagos. It’s just a few minutes drive from Yaba bus stop and very easy to locate. While the Ibadan station is located at Moniya.

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As a first timer, here are the things you need to know before boarding the Lagos-Ibadan train: 

  1. For now, you can only get a ticket at the station with cash, there are no options of online tickets or paying online.
  2. You need a valid means of identification to be able to purchase a ticket.
  3. There’s nothing like African time, time is being strictly followed, so to avoid missing the train, ensure to get to the station 30mins or 1 hour ahead of when the train. 
  4. The trip from Lagos to Ibadan and vice versa takes 2 hours 30 minutes with stopovers at Abeokuta for now.

Train schedule

Because the train stations are still under construction, the train only runs two trips in a day for now. I heard once construction is completed, the train will begin to run 12 trips daily and at even faster paste. 

Lagos to Ibadan:

Week days (Monday to Friday) — 4:00 pm.
Boarding time — 3:30 pm.

Weekend (Saturday) — 8:30 am.
Boarding time — 8:00 am.

Ibadan to Lagos:

Week days (Monday to Friday) — 8:00 am.
Boarding time — 7:30 am.

Weekend (Saturday) — 6:00 pm.
Boarding time — 5:30 pm.

Ticket prices

Lagos to Ibadan/Ibadan to Lagos:

First class (24 seater) — N6,000.
Business class (56 & 68 seater) — N5,000.
Standard class (88 seater) — N2,500.

Lagos to Abeokuta/Abeokuta to Lagos:
First class — N4,500.
Business class — N3,500.
Standard class — N2,000.

Ibadan to Abeokuta/Abeokuta to Ibadan:
First class — N2,000.
Business class — N1,500.
Standard class — N600.

For all the standard class prices, there is a 50% discount for children under 13 years.

Watch my entire trip below?


Lagos-Ibandan train Lagos-Ibandan train Lagos-Ibandan train Lagos-Ibandan train Lagos-Ibandan train Lagos-Ibandan train Lagos-Ibandan train


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