I Saw Funke Akindele’s ‘Omo Ghetto The Saga’ And Here’s What I Think

Funke Akindele-Bello is undoubtedly a talented and skillful actor/filmmaker with lots of hit movies and series under her belt. But she has also put out works that were greatly criticized for being overhyped, underwhelming and sometimes, downright disappointing. One of the reasons I didn’t see Your Excellency and co in cinemas.

But I saw Omo Ghetto The Saga on Wednesday and I’m here to tell you that the people who are hyping the movie ain’t doing a great job. If Mrs Bello has ever created a masterpiece in her entire career, it’s definitely Omo Ghetto The Saga. 

Omo Ghetto The Saga review

Omo Ghetto The Saga: Story

Omo Ghetto The Saga is about the identical twin sisters — Lefty and Ayomide (played by Funke), with two completely different lives. Ayomide is the typical Lagos big girl, well educated, posh, ambitious, has a great career, a husband, and two kids. Lefty on the other hand is from the ghetto, razz, uncouth, and the leader of a notorious female gang known as the Askamaya gang.

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In the original 2010 Omo Ghetto, Ayomide was adopted as a kid by the wealthy and benevolent Mrs. Benson, while Lefty was adopted as an adult after some twists and turns brought them together. In the sequel, their adoptive mother tried fruitlessly to keep Lefty away from the ghetto and to ensure she turn a new leaf. But all her efforts proved abortive.

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Lefty fell in love with a notorious leader of a cybercrime syndicate named Femi Stone (played by Deyemi Okanlawon) and would do anything for him. She steals from her mom to give to him and defended him whenever her friends bitch about him not being her type and all that.

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However, trouble started after a deal between Femi Stone and his boys led to the death of a young man, and Lefty was made to take the fall for him, unknown to her, she was only collateral damage for Femi Stones’ inordinate ambition. And her twin sister Ayomide gets trapped in the mix of the drama.
Omo Ghetto The Saga


The script spotlighted deep friendship, love, kindness, prostitution, internet fraud, thuggery, and police corruption. The love and bond between Lefty and her gang would make you want to be part of a girl-gang. The way the ghetto life was depicted in the movie with flamboyant costumes and slangs was so impressive and commendable. But, some of the slang was unnecessarily long and boring. Like most Nigerian films, Omo Ghetto The Saga was predictable. There wasn’t much suspense, you can literally tell how it will end from the beginning.

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Another flaw in the script is that it fails to properly explain who their father is and how he came into the picture. One can’t tell if he is their biological father or not or whether or not he’s wealthy. We know the girls were adopted but what we don’t know is how they supposedly have a father who isn’t Mrs. Benson’s husband, and who Lefty took after, by the way. Maybe this was explained in the original movie, but that’s 11 years ago and not many of us saw or remember the storyline. A little flashback or something to explain that part would have been perfect.

But the flaws, regardless, the script was a bang.
Omo Ghetto The Saga


The film stars Funke Akindele-Bello, Chioma Akpotha, Eniola Badmus, Bimbo Thomas, Deyemi Okanlawon, Zubby Michael, Akah Nnani, Alex Ekubo, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Timini Egbuson, Nancy Isime, Paschaline Alex, Mercy Aigbe, Toke Makinwa, AY Makun, Nosa Rex, among others.

Omo Ghetto The Saga raked in over ₦189 million in the opening week and it has raked in over ₦450 million since it was released on December 25, 2020....but is it really worth the hype? Click To Tweet

It’s perhaps an open secret that most Nigerian star-studded films hardly go beyond average. From their storyline to the plot, to the dialogue and acting — some of them are so ridiculously put together that it beggars belief that a group of professionals sat down to cook up such a sham in the name of a movie. No one can convince me otherwise, some of these movies are created just to ridicule the viewers. Like you have to be really jobless, bored, or plain dumb to sit through some of Nollywood star-studded movies.

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But Omo Ghetto The Saga is graciously an exception. Except for Brodda Shaggi’s character which I feel because we have seen him do the exact same thing (give direction) over and over again that we weren’t impressed at all, and AY Makun’s character who put too much effort into trying to be funny yet still came out flat, the movie characters did an excellent job. So good were some of the deliveries that the hall witnessed occasional hands of applause and loud cheers.
Omo Ghetto The Saga


Mrs. Funke Bello is multitalented and versatile. She produced and directed Omo Ghetto The Saga alongside her husband, JJC Skillz. The directing was superb and I have to give it to her, she did a fine job.

Omo Ghetto The Saga


Omo Ghetto The Saga raked in over ₦189 million in the opening week and it has raked in over ₦450 million since it was released on December 25, 2020. And it’s for good reasons. Tbh the hypes are not even doing the movie justice. It’s a well-cooked and well-dished meal that every Nollywood lover who’s hungry for a great film must have a taste of. I would rate it 9/10.

Watch the thriller

Have you seen Omo Ghetto The Saga? What are your honest thoughts?

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