Dear Mamalego, It’s Been Three Years…

We will always remember January 11, 2018. The day we all woke up and realized that while we slept, the angels of death visited our home, again…this time, they took our beloved mother, Mamalego. The gracious Mama-let-them-chop. Mrs Veronica Atufe 1 of Africa.

You see, the heartless angels of death had visited us only a few years prior. March 1, 2015, to be precise. They snatched our father, Mr Lucky Atufe, after a prolonged illness. While we were yet to heal from his demise, death thought it wise to strike again, leaving in it wake, scattered hearts, broken hopes and unending tears.

It’s been three years since that cruel and unforgivable morning in our lives. Three years and nothing has changed. The pains and hopelessness are still here. The tears have reduced but not completely dried up. I doubt it ever will. No one has been able to take her place and quite frankly no one ever will.

Three years of living in this lonely world without the one person that can be all and do all for us. Three years of mourning and wondering what we did to deserve such cruelty from the angels of death. Three years in our mind. Three years of no Mamalego.

Dear sweet mother, we have grown tremendously these past years and we have achieved quite a lot, but no day passes by that we don’t miss you or wish that you were here with us.

RIP mama. Forever in our hearts ♥️

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