So He Told You He Needs Your Help?

A guy who was asking me out one time, called me one morning that he was in a critical situation and needed to loan some money. I didn’t have any. He told me to look for someone to loan me the money. He said it was a matter of life and death and promised to pay back with interest.

That was how I went to a friend, she said she doesn’t have cash, that she will do a transfer. Then she asked what I needed the money for, I told her and she said, “Babe you be fool? I no get again.”

So I told him I couldn’t get a loan. He was kind of disappointed but told me not to worry about it; that he would look for an alternative means to raise the money.

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I even called him a couple of times to see if he was able to raise the money, he said he was unable to. Honestly, I felt sorry for him and if I had had the money, I would have helped him out.

After a few days, my friend asked me about him and I told her he hasn’t been able to raise the money. Then, she said something like, “he done die?” I was like what? And my friend goes, “he told you it was a matter of life and death abi?” I said yes. Then she said, “so is he dead yet since he doesn’t have the money already?”

I was livid. I thought my friend was being mean and insensitive. However, fast forward to about two weeks after, I noticed he has stopped calling and texting. In fact, I think he stopped trying to get me to date him after I told him I couldn’t get the money.

So I reached out to him. And he told me he wasn’t really in any critical situation, he did what he did to see the kind of person that I was. If I am the kind of woman who will go all out for him. He needed to be sure. He concluded by saying that I failed the test and he is no longer down to dating me.

Right there and then, I knew my friend saved me. Either from getting scammed — because I believe he would have collected that money and not pay back – or from a shallow minded idiot who thinks I needed to be tested in such a manner.

I was appalled but extremely grateful that I dogded the bullet.

Fast forward to about a year later. I had a similar encounter. This time around the guy in question was just a friend. He told him he needed to clear some debts and that if he didn’t pay certain amount of money in a matter of days, he could get arrested. Bare in mind that this was someone I have known for years and never for once has he sent me a dine. Even when I asked him. In fact, on several occasions, he promised to send me money but never did. I was in school at the time and we all know students are one of the most broke people in this country.

I told him I didn’t have. Honestly, I didn’t but even if I did, I am not sure I would have sent my hard earned money to him. He than said I should look for someone to loan me the money and that he will pay back in a week or less. Me that was in school o! I should look for someone — prolly a fellow student who is equally as broke and hungry as I am — to loan me money to send to him. Him that was in Benin, working. Some people no dey fear God. I told him I had no one to loan me any money, and didn’t bother asking a friend this time around. I know he will be fine las las.

I am one of the kindest people I know. I mean, I try to do my best, when I can, for as many as I can. But when people deliberately try to ride on that kindness and take it for granted. Then I know better than to fall for it.

Moral of the story? Be kind but don’t you get played. Use your head. Always!

Thank you for dropping by. *muah*

P:S: If you read this and feel like I am taking a swipe at you, you are right. I am. And it’s what it is.

2 thoughts on “So He Told You He Needs Your Help?

  1. Borrowing money from other people to give to someone is risky,most times its adviceable to give what you can let go. Because of stories that touch.

  2. You are just a stringy girl, that is all. So you can not help your friend when in need because some unfortunate element tried to ‘scam’ you?

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