I Didn’t Take Fizzy Drinks For Two Months, Here’s What Happened…

Hey there, my name is Atufe Lydia Sarah, and I’m a diehard soda drinker. Soda happens to be one of the reasons why I have not been able to achieve my dream body, even after years of wishing and praying.

*Don’t tell me wishing and praying doesn’t burn body fats, because I know someone who does nothing at all but still loses weight.*

Soda and I have come a long way. From my younger days when I used to have it as a treat with my favorite meal, to those moments in traffic when it came with gala to the rescue, and to recent years when I began drinking it on a regular just because.

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I love soda – Coke, Pepsi and Sprite (Coke especially) – and not even those bellowing reports about the danger of drinking carbonated beverages could stop me from drinking it.

I’m talking about those reports with bellowing headlines like: “Drinking fizzy drinks can lead to diabetics, obesity and 1000 other health challenges, and just one diet soda a day takes you closer to your grave.”

*A quick message to the guys that create this type of reports, you guys need to do more in driving the fear of God into us, the readers. Because I read a dozen of these posts and none of them could get me to say no more fizzy drinks. You can add “take a sip of soda and die instantly” or something, to the posts. You know, anything to get people like me to act. Thank you.*

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Anyway, about a month before my 30th birthday, I decided to do away with fizzy drinks for good, or at least see how far I can go without it.

I’d taken a good look at myself in the mirror and thought of all the dresses I could slay if only my tummy will let me be great. In fact, I have a body-hugging gown in my closet since forever and I never wore it, except the time I tried it in front of the mirror at home.

They say you have to reduce your sugar intake if you are serious about waning tummy fat. And soda sure has a lot of sugar!

The first week was the hardest. My cravings increased drastically. Once I decided no more soda, it became the only thing on my mind. It took a lot of willpower and conscious efforts to live through the week without giving in to my cravings.

Let me be the first to admit that, it’s not easy for a soda fiend like me, to order water when what I really want is coke, coke and nothing but coke!

I spent most of the second and third week, stuck in traffic, and as I type this, more than two months after, I still can’t believe I was able to resist the bevy of drink sellers who harassed the living day out of me. Who said you can’t do anything you set your mind to?

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The rest of the two months were spent at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some of the changes I experienced:

Reduced menstrual cramps

I had the least painful menstrual cramps in years, the two months I consumed no soda. I’m aware that too much sugar intake causes painful menstruation, but no one told me that too much could be deadly.

I feel healthier

I’m notorious for waking up in the mornings with a severe headache and I thought it was because I hardly sleep on time. But the headaches subsided once I steered clear of soda.

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I shred some ugly fat

I still have a long way to go in this war against tummy fat, but I’m happy to announce that my tummy has slightly reduced. Of course, quitting fizzy drinks was not the only thing I did – I was on a diet and rigorous exercise routine for about a month – but none of them would have worked if I had not reduced my sugar intake.

Increased water intake

Instead of soda, I drank water, and I was able to drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day the whole time. Hey, it’s good to drink something without worrying about getting fat or having health complications.

My honest thought on fizzy drinks 

Soda is not a healthy drink, which means it should be limited or consumed in moderation. If you are like me, then you might want to consider taking it once or twice a month.

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