Hey guys, Happy New Week! I wanted to pop in and share some of my current things with y’all.

Let’s dive in…

Currently Thankful: For my kid sister Promise, who’s my gossip partner, co-planner, washerwoman, cook, errand girl, confidant, fitness instructor, companion and sweet trouble. I am so thankful that she came to live with me when she did. I don’t know what I would have done without her, especially during the current lockdown.

Currently thinking: Of how to get my Max business started. It’s about that time. I hear you can make a lot of money from partnering with Max and I love money??

Currently drinking: A lot of water and minding my business.

Currently loving: The woman I am becoming. The self-loving, self-appreciating, self-aware, self-confident, self-reliance woman that I am becoming. This woman, who’s striving to be more, to be herself, to find her voice, to do the things that she loves, and to inspire others to do the same…I am loving all of her.

Currently Planning: Two things! How to escape from Lagos as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic ends, and how to gallivant the whole city. It’s time to indulge the explorer in me.

Currently praying: For those who, like me, are trying to make something of themselves. Those who are starting a new business, a new job, moving to a new place, seeking a better future. Also, for God’s healing love in the midst of the current pandemic.

Currently Watching: Series of movies on Netflix. My Netflix subscription expires in three days, and as much as I love Netflix, I am not renewing it for now. It’s been a distraction. I’ll stick to Youtube, which is free, by the way.

Currently trying: To shred tummy fat…and guys, the struggle is real???Even more real is the pain that I feel when I’m looking at food but can’t eat because too much food makes you fat. When I’ve to mentally tell myself that I am just bored, not hungry, even though I am starving to death. And when I crave white bread, Coca Cola and all the fattening food but no one is going to let me have them. I made a promise to do all it takes to shred this tummy fat, but as it stands, I’ll probably renege on that promise sooner or later….make person no go die for nothing.

Currently addicted: To Any Books and Medium mobile apps. The two apps where I do most of my readings and learning.

Currently can’t get enough: Of how cute and adorable my little nephew Jason is. I mean, can your nephew ever??? Ha ha!

Currently Reading: Four different books. Start With Why by Simon Sinek: I’m halfway in and it been a great read so far. Making Habit Breaking Habit by Jeremy Dean: This is our current read at Visual Book Club and I am only a few pages in. Educated by Tera Westover: A memoir I started reading last year but somehow, for reasons I can’t remember, didn’t finish. And Mastering the Craft of Writing: How to Write with Clarity, Emphasis and Style by Stephen Wilbers.

Currently sick: Of the COVID-19 pandemic and the many COVID-19 related broadcast that I get daily on Whatsapp. I’m tired of staying at home, hungry and worried about my security, especially at night.

Currently Considering: Going for photography, makeup and video editing classes as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

Currently craving: Domino pizza and Cold Stone ice cream. Catfish Barbecue, grills and chilled Hollandia yogurt.

Currently needing: A getaway to a beach resort or a luxury hotel. Somewhere nice and cozy. Somewhere refreshing and relaxing. Somewhere like the Bahamas? or Obudu Mountain Resort.

Currently hoping: That the COVID-19 pandemic ends soon and that we will come out stronger and better.

Now, it’s your turn…what are you currently obsessing over? Share with me in the comment section

P.S. Hope you guys are keeping safe and practicing social distancing? This too shall pass? let’s keep the faith, people. And thanks for stopping by!

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