I’m Getting Married

You guys, guess who’s getting married? Yes! You guess that right?????‍❤️‍

It’s official. I am taken.

But before I get on with the details of the wedding, I will like to send a personal message to a few people.

To everyone who has ever asked me:

When are you getting married?

And to those who are always telling me:

“You hardly go out. Is it inside the house that you will meet your husband?” Especially that big head called Efe.

And to those who are fond of asking:

Where is your boyfriend?” “Who are you dating now?” “When am I going to meet your boyfriend?” 

And to my married folks who are fond of saying:

Don’t worry; God will give you your husband. This year will not pass you by...”

I don’t want to call names. I believe y’all know yourselves. I’m getting married and y’all are not invited.

Yes! You read that correctly. I’m getting married and Y’ALL ARE NOT INVITED.

I am dead serious, Efe you can’t come!

Look, guys, I’m not trying to be petty, neither am I angry. I know some of you have mad love for me. I love you too. Also, I know some of you want the best for me, and I appreciate that. However, I feel y’all have crossed the line between being concern and being nosy. And that’s why I don’t want y’all at my wedding.

No hard feelings though.

Haven said that, I will like to thank you for your understanding. And I hope you don’t take this personal. I hope you still got mad love for me? Because I still love you.

P.S. I deliberately left out those who are fond of saying:

You will marry a good man and he will take you around the world,” because, who doesn’t love that? I can never be tired of hearing you say that to me. One of my life-long dreams is to travel the world and I don’t mind him — and by him, I mean the LOML — paying for my itinerary. So, y’all are excluded from the list of people who are prohibited from attending my wedding.

Did I just hear you say thank you? Yes? You are welcome.


To everyone (close to me) who has never bothered me with unnecessary marriage or relationship wahala:

I will get married when I meet the LOML and y’all will definitely get an invite.

Thank you for everything. I mean, for not bothering me with incessant QnAs, for understanding that things will happen at their due time. Thank you for praying for me and wishing me well without having to ask me any questions. And really, thank you for minding your damn business.

Marrying late is better than marrying wrong. Just as being single and happy is better than being married and miserable.

I’ve committed no crime by being single, and I beg to be single in peace. Now, that is not too much to ask, is it?

P.S. I turn 30 in five days and I have started accepting gifts. So Efe and co, kindly do the needful, thank you.

12 thoughts on “I’m Getting Married

  1. Mtchew see how you made me ran here thinking the house rat has finally gone out and get herself a husband. Aunty you are getting old. Go and marry.

    1. Shut up my friend! What do you know about marriage? You must think it’s the same as running around with diapers. The only thing I know you are really good at.

  2. My dear pursuing ur dream, your ambition is much more better than worrying your head about marriage or what people tell u about not being married but at the appropriate time you will see ur dream man. The man ordained for u by God.

  3. Marriage isn’t a do or die affairs , when ur time comes u will know my beautiful friend , let does people ask na them get their mouth.

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