Pink Hair, Anyone? The Story Behind My New Look

A few days before my NYSC passing out parade, I walked into a barbing saloon and did something I have always wanted to do; I cut my hair.

I had a very light and scanty hair. So light that I didn’t need to retouch it. It also had a lot of dandruff and was always breaking.

It was as if I was spending precious time and money and not getting anything in return. At least, that was how I saw it.

Fast forward to last year, I decided to cut the hair, but a lot of people discouraged me. They said because I am petite, that low cut will make me look even smaller. That people who don’t know me will think I am a kid. Hair makes a woman look mature, they said.

I thought they had a point, especially since I know that if you are petite, little boys who are still running in diapers will think you are their mates and will attempt to use you to practice how to woo a woman. I recently had one of such encounters, see HERE!

So I continued with the hair. At a point, I relaxed it, tried different hairstyles, did some hair care regimen, spent more time and more money. Yet, it was the same old story. The hair wasn’t growing, it was still breaking, and I became tired, frustrated and unhappy.

Don’t get me wrong. The money and the time weren’t the issues; the issue was the hair. I didn’t see the point of spending time and money on hair that was getting nowhere.

It’s the same reason I cut the hair in 2015. Then, I didn’t have to worry about looking small; I was surrounded by friends and family.

Me and my sister-in-law in 2015

But since I now live in a different city, and surrounded by total strangers, I used to believe that I have to make my hair in order to always look mature and avoid being slighted by others. Even when I was unhappy and uncomfortable.

Isn’t it pitiful that I choose to be miserable and unhappy because of total strangers? Well, I’m going to be 30 next month, and I’ve gone passed giving a damn about people and their bloody opinions.

One thing about living your life based on people’s opinions is that you will always be sad and miserable. If you want to be happy, it’s simple. Stop living your life according to people’s expectations.

Now, with my hair on a low cut, I don’t have to worry about making or maintaining it. I just wash and go. And instead of worrying about the hair not growing, I am happy because that means the barber wouldn’t be seeing me often.

After cutting, I tinted it. It was oxblood I wanted but got pink instead. But, I love it.

Pink hair, anyone?

Guess what? It is well received. I’ve gotten a dozen compliments. A lot of people telling me they love it. One guy even complimented me in traffic. He was in a different car and asked me to share the contact of the guy that did my hair. I was like awwww lol.

Not that I would have been bothered if the reaction was different. Some people still ask me questions like: why did you cut your hair? Why pink? Blah blah blah. Some even shout Zlatan when they see me. But who cares? I am happy; that’s all that matters.

When I made up my mind to cut my hair, I thought, what is the worst that can happen? Wear a wig everywhere to cover it? Bring it on! I am done ‘looking mature’. I just want to breathe. And there’s no way I can breathe with my hair itching like that.

Somebody say freedom at last! Ha ha.

If you’re considering cutting your hair, I would say go for it. If you end up not liking it, don’t worry, it will grow back. And you can wear a wig while you wait. Don’t let people’s opinions rule your life. Remember, it’s your hair; you can do whatever you want with it.

What do you think of my new look? On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate it?

Pink hair. Yes please!

2 thoughts on “Pink Hair, Anyone? The Story Behind My New Look

  1. It’s the same thing I was told when I announced that I was going to cut my hair but I want with it anyway. People will always have something to say. You look good by way.

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