4 Things I Love And Hate About Lagos

There are numerous drawbacks to living in Lagos. The city can be insanely hostile and mentally and physically draining. But there are reasons many Nigerians choose to live here.

I moved here in September 2018, 17 months later, and I have literary found myself living in that thin line between love and hate when it comes to the city.

One minute Lagosians are bubbling, but the next minute we are looking for ways to get far away from the city as possible.

On today’s post, I will be sharing with you, four reasons why I love and hate Lagos. Let’s start with why I hate the city. Shall we?

    Lagos is synonymous with traffic congestion. As the largest city in Africa and the most populated city in Nigeria, Lagos is notorious for its nightmarish gridlock which has Lagosians spending hours in traffic daily. A five minutes drive can quickly turn into five hours drive in Lagos. Let’s not even get started with the high rate of robberies and other horrible traffic crimes.
  2. Offensive smell
    Lagos is unarguably one of the dirtiest states in Nigeria. Most houses in the city have their bathrooms connected to the street gutters instead of a soakaway. This is why in Lagos I doubt you can ever find a dry gutter even in the dry season. Also, Lagosians are fond of dumping refuses indiscriminately all over the city. It’s common to find heaps of refuse on roadsides, on the streets, at bus stops, etc. It doesn’t matter what part of Lagos you live in, you can’t escape the unpleasant smell that flows through the city, especially during the rainy season.
  3. Mosquitoes
    Mosquitoes in Lagos are voraciously brutal and are immune against insecticides. No amount of insecticides that you spray can kill them all. Someone said they have iron teeth and I quite agree. In fact, it’s a miracle that people are not dying from malaria daily.
  4. Accommodation
    Securing a good and comfortable accommodation in this city is neither easy nor cheap. It’s even worse for singles and non-Yorubas as a lot of house owners tend to discriminate against them. Also, there are a lot of scammers and petty thieves out there posing as agents and if you are not careful they can scam you. Finding a genuine and honest agent can be a chore.

Why I love Lagos: 

    Lagos is the part of Nigeria that never sleeps. The city boast of numerous luxury nightclubs, strip clubs, bars, parties, shows, hotels, you name it. If you love the nightlife and you have the money, Lagos is a great place to stay.
    Lagos is the major economic nerve centre of Nigeria and the rest of the West African sub-region. Most industries and business enterprises in Nigeria have their headquarters in Lagos. The chance of building your career and rising to the pinnacle of your choosing profession is higher in Lagos than any other city in Nigeria or West Africa.
    One of the most amazing parts of living in Lagos is that you get to enjoy a wide range of yummy food, deliciously prepared and sold on the street. Food like ewa aganyin and agege bread, jollof and fried rice, fried yam and potato, noodles, shawarma, suya, akara, boli, buns and puff puff, abacha, snacks, etc, are just a stone throw away.
    Lagos is the headquarter of entertainment in Nigeria and West Africa. The biggest celebrity concerts and events all go down here. Little wonder why those who aspire to build a career in the entertainment industry find their way here.

Generally, living in Lagos can be frustrating but so is living in most parts of Nigeria. The country is hard all over.

What do you love and hate about living in Lagos?

What do you think should be added to my list?

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