NYSC POP Day In Pictures…

Yesterday, March 5th, 2020, I exchanged my NYSC ID card for my NYSC certificate, marking the end of my service year. It was a stressful and emotional day. I had a terrible camp experience (read HERE) but, God in His infinite mercy compensated me with an amazing service year.

I want to express my sincere appreciation to God Almighty for His grace kept me through it all. And to everyone who supported and encouraged me one way or the other, I am entirely grateful for the love and support.

For the time, I spent hours jumping from a queue to queue, doing my registration, oblivious to what awaits me in camp.

For the time, I hustled to exchanged my oversized kits with someone else to no avail.

For the time, I regrettably picked the bed by the door.

For the times I stood out in the cold and under the scorching sun.

For the times I nearly passed out from sheer exhaustion and tiredness.

For the times I faked menstrual cramps to get a few hours of sleep.

For the times I struggled to stay awake during NYSC lectures.

For the times I was too groggy to pay attention during SAED training.

For the times I got punished in camp by soldiers and man-o-wars because my platoon members were making noise.

For the times I ate half-cooked, too salty, absolutely untasteful foods because that is what they served in camp.

For the times they gave us watery tea and very strong bread.

For the time, I tried using someone else’s meal card to get an extra plate of food because mine wouldn’t be enough.

For the times I couldn’t use the toilet because it had been messed up by an unfortunate fellow.

For the times I had to bath outside because the bathroom was occupied or messed up.

For the times I woke up very early just to have my bath.

For the times that I couldn’t sleep because somebody somewhere in our overcrowded hotel was snoring too loudly while another was having a loud phone conversation in the middle the night.

For the time that soldiers came to our hotel in the middle of the night, woke us up, matched us out and made us stand for nearly an hour in the cold because of a missing phone.

For the times I stayed in line for hours just to get my ID card, bicycle allowance and first allowee.

For the times I quarreled with my hostel mates over petty things.

For the times I almost cried and blamed myself for obeying the Clarion call.

For the time I secretly wished they will declare the camp unsafe and ask everyone to go home.

For the time, I almost invoked the spirit of my ancestors on the person that used my water without my permission.

For the mosquitoes bites.

For the times I wore dirty clothes and socks because I wanted to save some money and time.

For the times I was sure I was being punished for the sins I didn’t commit.

For the good and bad times.

For all the new friends.

For the sweet gossips and uplifting conversations.

And for the one year aside camp. The one year spent serving my father’s land in the great city of Oyo, Oyo state.

I say cheers!

I’m extremely grateful for the experience.

Looking forward to bigger and better things!

Congrats to me and all NYSC 2019 batch A corps members!

We move!!!

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