30 Days To Turning 30

You guys, I will be turning 30 in 30 days. That sounds so old, right?

I’m wondering. What do people talk about when they turn 30? Do they talk about their spouse? Their kids? Their career? Their cars? Their landed properties? Their investments? Their endorsements? Money in the bank? Countries they have been? Awards they have won? Degrees they have acquired? Lives they have touched? Other accomplishments?

I want to know. Please tell me. What do people talk about when they turn 30?

I’m going to be 30 in 30 days, but I’ve no spouse, no kid, no career, no car, no landed property, no investment, no endorsement, no money in the bank, no award and no travel experience — except you count the times I traveled to my village.

What have I been doing with my life? You may want to ask. That’s the same question I’ve been asking myself since I turned 29. One year later, and I am sorry to break it to you: I have no fucking idea.


My life has been one hell of a rollercoaster, the hardest part being the last couple of years.

I lost my parents. I battled depression repeatedly. I wallowed in self-doubt and self-hate. I made some bad financial decisions. I lost a life-changing opportunity because I was too timid to go for it. I lived in uncertainty and procrastination. I was lost, helpless and hopeless. I made excuses. I failed and failed and failed.

I spent most of my twenties being single. After one bad relationship in my early twenties, I withdrew into my shell and refused to try again.

I wrote SSCE in 2008 and jamb in 2009, but I was denied admission into the Delta State University. I tried writing jamb again in 2010 but changed my mind at the last minute. So instead of going to the university, I headed to Auchi polytechnic in 2011.

I graduated ND in 2013, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I didn’t go back for HND until 2017. Now, in 2020, I just completed my service year. My passing out parade is in two days. Hallelujah!


Where did time go? What have I been doing with my life?

My twenties have been one hell of a rollercoaster and I’m so glad it’s finally coming to an end. In 30 days, a new decade of my life will begin. I hope that in 10 years when I am looking back at my thirties, I shall have more to celebrate and be thankful for.

But today, I am thankful for life. That I am still here is proof that God is not done with me. That my journey is far from over. I might have failed woefully in the past years but I am not a failure. I’m capable of success. I was created to stand out and excel. My past does not define me. if anything, it has prepared me for what lies ahead. My future is bright. I’m a divine champion.


I have made a lot of mistakes, but I took the lessons from my mistakes to heart, and I’m grateful for every one of them.

I may be single, but I am genuinely happy. I may be broke, but I am content.

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I am on a journey to leading a purposeful and fulfilling life through deliberate and conscious effort. And that is something worth celebrating.

I may not have traveled beyond the walls of my village, but I’m only 30. There are a lot of years ahead of me, and the world is not going anywhere, is it?

I know a lot of people had accomplished so much by the time they turned 30, but who says our timing is the same? The house, the cars, the awards, the money, the accomplishments will come. One day, at a time.

I am in no hurry to get them all. The goal is to do something every day that takes me closer to my dream.

I have never threw a birthday party in my whole life. I know 30 would be the perfect time to throw one, but 31st wouldn’t be bad either, right? God willing, there would be money in the bank and a spouse and a kid to celebrate it with.

Meanwhile, I will be sharing 30 life lessons that I have learned from the day I knew what this thing called life is all about… in a sec.


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