First Of All, Introduction…

My life has been a journey. It started when I was born – sick, fragile and dying and no one but my mom (bless her) thought I would survive. I’ve been through a lot. My life has gone adrift more times than I can count on both hands. I have experienced the good, the bad and the terrible. I’ve made some rather terrible and costly mistakes and I have learned a lot.

My journey is far from ending (if anything, it only just began) and nothing about it is glamorous or extraordinary. In fact, it’s full of ordinary everyday tales that most people can relate to. My struggles and pains are not unique. They’re the same as that of the girl next door. But that’s prolly why I tend to believe it is worth living and sharing.

There’s a message in every mess. And this is what I want to pass on to my readers; the message in every of my mess and the lessons that I have learned along the way which I believe can help them in their own journeys.

As this is my first blog post, I will like to introduce myself. But first, I should probably tell you that I’m not perfect and neither is my writing. In fact, while at the polytechnic, I did so badly in the English language that my lecturer picked me out to use as an example of how bad most students are in the course. This explains all the grammatical and spelling errors that you may find on the blog.

I was born and bred in Benin City, Edo State. The heartbeat of the nation. Growing up in Benin has its ups and downs but that is a story for another day.

I’m the fourth of nine (6 boys and 3 girls) and the first of the girls. An orphan who lost her parents in a space of three years (dad died in 2015 after a prolonged illness and mom died in 2018 after a brief illness – maybe they loved each other a bit too much?)

I hail from Ethiope West local government area of Delta state. Lagos based. I have a degree in Mass communication from Auchi polytechnic. Growing up I wanted to be a journalist and writer. I think I’m both but only in my head and in my dreams.

I’m an introvert. I don’t warm up to people easily. I hardly go out unless it is really important. I am the opposite of a foodie. I eat only 6 or 7 times a day. And that does not include stacks. I can have that every other hour. My guilty pleasure is fried ripe plantain (dodo). I’m a very good cook and one time in my life I loved and enjoyed cooking more than I loved to eat. But now, reverse is the case.

I’m a late sleeper. 1am is my 8pm. A family-oriented person. Family is at the very core of my being. I’m a sucker for love and good movies. I love reading; crime fiction is my favorite genre. I’ve read almost all of Michael Connelly’s crime novels. And I recently started reading James Patterson. (If you have any crime novels you think I should read please let me know in the comment section.)

I recently went for a job interview. A renowned media personnel was looking for a personal assistant. It was the kind of job that will get me exposure and experience in the media world. After the interview, she told me she will get back to me. I went home feeling anxious and eager to work with her. I even prayed about it. Then about two weeks after, I got a call asking me to resume. My prayers answered. You would think I got so excited I threw a celebration party. I didn’t. Instead, I decided I could do without the job. What I am trying to say is that I am a bit of a weirdo. I lose interest easily. One minute I am excited about something. The next minute I am no longer interested. I sometimes have conversations with myself, aloud. Some really strange and weird conversations.

I hate dogs, cats, and other domestic animals. My pet peeve has got to be bushy armpits and bad breath. Please don’t come close if your breath stinks or your armpit is bushy and I can see it. I am a terrible singer but at least I can dance… in my head:-)

I wish I can say I have a big heart, loyal and trustworthy but that would be akin to blowing my own trumpet. And mama told me to stay humble.

I’m a social media manager in case you need someone to manage your page or run effective ads and campaigns for you online – Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (I’ve over 2.2 million followers across all social media pages). I am good and affordable, so do holla!

I’m currently single and searching. And I am broke. No, that’s putting it mildly. I’m broker than broke. But, I am grateful. Totally and completely. I’m grateful for all that God has blessed me with — good life, good health, amazing siblings, good friends, peace of mind, unity, love, just to name a few. I’m equally grateful for you, yes you. I’m grateful that you’re reading this right now. Thank you. This is the first of many. And I hope and pray you stick around through and through.

P:s I’ve been meaning to start a personal blog for as long as I can remember but somehow, I never got the courage chance to. I talked about it all in my next post HERE please check it out.

Love and light.


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